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Solar thermal systems can be installed either as a standalone system or combined with a biomass system for domestic or commercial clients.

What is solar thermal?

Solar thermal systems use solar collectors or panels on your roof to collect the heat from the sun. This in turn heats water which is then stored in a hot water cylinder, effectively providing you with free hot water. In most cases you will need another heat source to top up the temperature.

Solar thermal systems can operate as standalone systems. They can also be integrated with your biomass boiler heating system to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of wood fuel required.

What are the benefits of using solar thermal systems?

Solar Panels Installed on a Domestic Roof

What about when it is not sunny?

During the summer months a solar thermal system should be able to provide most of your hot water. In colder or cloudier weather, the panels will still generate some hot water but you will need an alternative source to meet your hot water requirements.