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What is biomass?

Biomass is a biological material that comes from a living or recently living organism such as a tree. It is a renewable fuel source that is widely available throughout the UK. It is the most common form of fuel for renewable heating in the UK. There are heating and hot water systems that can be used in domestic homes as well as commercial businesses, schools and factories.

Biomass Carbon Cycle Whilst burning wood does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it is equal to the same amount that was absorbed by the tree when it was growing thus making it ‘carbon neutral’. Biomass wood fuel however is not completely carbon neutral as there are some emissions associated with production and transport. There are many sustainable forests being managed specifically to provide wood for biomass boilers.

What are the benefits of using biomass?

There are 3 types of wood fuel available...

Pellet Supply

We supply pellets made from virgin timber. There is no waste or recycled wood used in the manufacture of these products. We use 2 production plants – Andover, Hampshire and Grangemouth, Scotland. Each plant has an annual production capacity of 55,000 tonnes of wood pellets.

Fuel Quality

Each boiler will have a fuel specification that should be met. Specifications include moisture content, impurities and size. Using fuel that does not meet the required specification will result in poor efficiency and damage to your boiler and flue system. It may also invalidate your warranties.